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Coffee Lectures in the scope of the Love Data Week

12 to 16 February 2024

Short lectures on diverse topics with room for questions and discussions

12th LUH-internal exchange of experience on the handling of research data in joint projects and institutes

Friday, 26 April 2024, 10-12 a.m. (held in German)

Thematical focus: "Data mangement in joint projects - roles and responsibilities"

(in German) Digitale Forschungsdaten managen – Grundlagen, Tipps und Tricks

Tuesday, 4 June 2024, 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

NEW: again as face-to-face event undwith a new concept (in progress)


You can find presentations and training materials (generally in German) related to our courses in their newest version at Materials.

Coffee Lectures

Coffee Lectures are short informative presentations followed by a discussion focussing on diverse RDM topics. Though they may target specific groups, they are usually open to everyone. We offer Coffee Lectures as contributions to theme days or weeks, such as the Love Data Week (mid-February) or Postdoc Appreciation Week (autumn).

Coffee Lectures in the scope of the Love Data Week (12 to 16 Februar 2024)

The international Love Data Week takes place every year in the week around Valentine's Day (14 February). People and institutions involved in research data management are invited to host informative events. Many of these are open to everyone interested.

Please note!

Coffee Lectures by members of our team held in German are described on the German version of this page.

Introductory courses

Introductory courses are designed for persons with little prior knowledge regarding research data management and usually take place at least once per semenstre. Some courses are offered directly by the research data support team and others via the professional development programme of Leibniz University Hannover, via the training programme of the graduate school or via the inter-university course programme.

  • Managing digital research data - Basics, tips and tricks

    This course consists of online-materials for independent study that are permanently available to you.

    Complementary discussion sessions take place approximately every six months via video conference. However, you are welcome to contact us at any time if you have questions about the course.

    Scientific work processes generate extensive and heterogeneous digital data. How can this data be organised and managed? Where and how can it be securely stored, archived and published? Appropriate handling of data increases the efficiency and quality of research and is part of good scientific practice. A convincing research data management is therefore also increasingly becoming a prerequisite for the successful acquisition of third-party funding.

    In this event, you will first get an overview of the individual aspects of research data management by means of an interactive presentation with sound and accompanying exercise materials and receive tips and tricks for practice. On the event date, there will be a question and discussion session in the format of a video conference, in which you are welcome to contribute your own experiences.

    Main topics:

    • Overview of the sub-aspects of research data management: What is it all about?
    • Requirements of third-party funding bodies and science organisations: What do I have to consider?
    • Data documentation tools: Which ones can I use?
    • The data management plan: How do I plan how to handle my data?
    • Data publication: How does it work and what do I get out of it?
    • Support services: What services can I use and who can help me?

    Target group: Researchers and research support staff who would like to gain an introductory overview of the topic of "research data management" and have little prior knowledge.


    M.A. Anna-Karina Renziehausen
    Research Data Management
    Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB)

    Dr. Yvana Glasenapp
    Research Data Management
    Dezernat 4 – Forschung und EU-Hochschulbüro, Technologietransfer

Advanced courses

In these courses specific aspects of research data management are regarded in detail. In each new course the theme will change. Participants are expected to already have some basic knowledge.

  • Dealing with personal research data - legal foundations, methods and tools

    This course consists of online-materials for independent study thar are permanently available to you. Currently, the course materials are only available in German.

    Note: The content of the chapters on the legal basis has been revised in consultation with the LUH Data Protection Unit.

    Many projects generate personal research data, for example when interviews are conducted, videos are recorded or surveys are held. The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the data protection laws at federal and state level contain strict requirements under which conditions such data may be collected and processed.

    In this course you will learn about the most important legal requirements. However, the focus is on organisational and technical measures for GDPR-compliant handling of personal research data.

    Main topics:

    • Which data protection requirements exist?
    • What should I be aware of with regard to declarations of consent?
    • How can data be anonymised?
    • How does the encryption of data work?
    • How do I keep my data safe?



    M.A. Anna-Karina Renziehausen
    Research Data Management
    Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB)

    Dr. Yvana Glasenapp
    Research Data Management
    Dezernat 4 – Forschung und EU-Hochschulbüro, Technologietransfer

Institute and project-specific training

Are you interested in an event specifically for your institute or your project? Contact us! We will be happy to prepare a workshop tailored to your wishes.

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