Exchange and networking on research data management

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"Round table" research data management

Within the university, there are now numerous actors who deal with the topic of research data management. Many work in scientific projects, others in the supporting service facilities or the administration. The "Round Table" serves to exchange experiences and help these people get to know each other.

We provide information on current RDM topics and exchange events via the mailing list "RDM exchange of experience".
  • LUH-internal exchange of experience on the handling of research data in joint projects and institutes

    This interdisciplinary "round table" takes place about every six months. The event is aimed at people who are responsible for coordinating the topic of research data management in collaborative projects or institutes. It is intended to give participants the opportunity to share practical examples, discuss open questions and initiate cross-project collaborations.

    The next event (held in German) takes place on Friday 26 April 2024, 10:00-12:00 a.m. Thematical focus: Data management in joint projects - roles and responsibilities. For slides and protocols of previous events, please change to the German version.

RDM Newsletter

The LUH and TIB Research Data Service Team compiles a monthly newsletter with brief information on current topics and developments of interest to LUH staff on the subject of research data management.

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RDM-Conferences and Journals


This is a selection of publication venues and conferences where RDM topics can be published. The list is constantly being expanded.

Peer Review Journals for RDM-related topics