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Research Data Repository

Research Data Repository

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What can I publish on the LUH Research Data Repository?

  • The LUH Research Data Repository is intended for the publication of research data.
  • Research data are all data that are collected and processed in the course of the scientific work process and form the basis of scientific research results. This includes, for example, measurement data, laboratory values, audiovisual information, texts, survey data, objects from collections or samples. Questionnaires, software and simulations can also be included under the term research data.

What can I not publish on the LUH Research Data Repository?

For research data that may not be published, e.g. for legal or contractual reasons, but should be archived, the LUIS archiving service can be used.

Who may use the LUH Research Data Repository?

  • All employees and researchers of Leibniz University Hanover as well as institutions affiliated through cooperations

How can I publish my data on the LUH Research Data Repository?

  • You can find a guide that takes you through all the steps here. (only in German)
  • Help for filling in the metadata fields (in English) can be found here.

How large can my data be?

  • A single file may not be larger than 1 GB.

What should I keep in mind when I want to publish my research data?

The data should comply with the FAIR principles.

  • This means that it should be provided in a suitable file format.
    • An overview of suitable long-term file formats for different types of data such as text, raster graphics, vector graphics, tables etc. can be found here.
  • Be free of third party rights.
  • Provide detailed information (metadata) on your research data.
    • For assistance look here.
  • Be published under a licence suitable for re-use.

Where do I get help?