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Research data management

Almost every scientific work is based on research data. As computers and sensors are becoming more powerful and storage capacities increase the volume of the digital research data generated, processed and stored constantly grows. This opens up completely new possibilities but requirements for data management are also becoming more complex.

It is not only necessary to ensure that data is structured adequately but also that is kept readable and useable on a long term. Good scientific practice demands that research results can be validated by revising the original data for at least ten years after publication. Furthermore, it should also be possible to include existing data in future studies, thereby maximizing the impact of research funding.

Leibniz Universität Hannover has developed a comprehensive concept for the management of research data which is currently being implemented. It comprises a policy as well as the extension of counselling services and technical infrastructure. You can find further information on the concept here. Available services at the university are listed here. If you want to get a more profound insight into the topic of research data management have a look at links and documents. Current training courses and information on past events can be found here.