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You can find presentations and training materials (generally in German) related to our courses in their newest version at Materials.

Experience exchange & networking

At present, numerous people within the university are concerned with research data management. Many work in scientific projects, others in the support facilities or in the administration. Events in this category are meant to boost experience exchange. They also offer persons engaged in data management related activities an opportunity to get to know each other.

  • University-internal experience exchange: RDM in institutes and joint projects

    The experience exchange takes place every six month, approximately. The event targets the personell reponsible for data management in joint projects or institutes. It offers participants an opportunity to call attention to practice examples, to debate unresolved issues and perhaps to even trigger cooperation across projects.

    Please note: The event is held in German. To see the agenda and related documents please switch to the German version of this webpage.

    The 9th experience exchange is scheduled for October 2022 and will likely take place as a video conference.

    Are you interested in sharing your own experiences in form of a keynote presentation? Then please contact us at


    Registration will probably be open by late September.

Introductory courses

Introductory courses are designed for persons with little prior knowledge regarding research data management and usually take place at least once per semenstre. Some courses are offered directly by the research data support team and others via the professional development programme of Leibniz University Hannover, via the training programme of the graduate school or via the inter-university course programme.

  • Managing digital research data - basics, tips and tricks (new online concept)

    This course consists of online materials for autonomous learning. They are permanently available.

    Supplementing panel discussions in form of video conferences take place every six month, approximately. The next workshops take place on the 17th of November, organized by the graduate academy, and on the 09.03.2022 via the Hochschulübergreifende Weiterbildung.  However, if you have questions related to the course, we are happy to answer them anytime. Just contact us.

    During research, manifold data is produced and large quantities. How to structure and administer them? Where and how to store, archive and publish them safely? Adequate data handling boosts efficiency and quality of scientific working and constitutes good research practice. A convincing research data management is hence becoming an ever more important prerequisite for successful funding applications.

    The course consists of an interactive presentation with audio comments and eventually some accompanying training materials. It provides an overview of the individual aspects of research data management as well as tips and tricks for practical implementation. On the day of the event, a panel discussion takes place as an online conference. You are welcome to contribute your own experiences.

    Thematic foci:

    • Overview of aspect of research data management: What is it all about?
    • Requirements of funding bodies and research organisations: What do I have to comply with?
    • Tools for documenting data: Which ones do I have to my disposal?
    • The data management plan: How do I plan my data handling?
    • Publishing data: How does that work and what is in for me?
    • Support: Which services are available and who may help me along?

    Prerequisites for participation in the panel discussion: Autonomous familiarisation with the online materials bevor the video conference.

    Target audience: Researchers and supporting staff who want to gain an overview of the subject “research data management” and have little previous knowledge.


    Anna-Karina Renziehausen
    Research data management
    Leibniz Centre for Science and Technology / University Library (TIB)

    Dr. Yvana Glasenapp
    Research data management
    Dezernat 4 – Research and Innovation Services

Advanced courses

In these courses specific aspects of research data management are regarded in detail. In each new course the theme will change. Participants are expected to already have some basic knowledge.


The course is not yet available in English, please use the online materials in German.

Training courses for projects and institutes

Are you interested in a training specifically designed for your project or institute? Contact us! We are happy to prepare a workshop tailored to your needs.

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